A Live Escape Room is a derivitive of online and computer “Escape the Room” games. It is a FUN, and INTERACTIVE concept that started in Japan, spread throughout Europe, and is now hitting the USA. Each of our rooms (challenges, we like to call them) are real life, themed adventure experiences. These rooms are NOT meant to challenge your physical abilities, but rather your mental might. They are designed for those who want to challenge their investigative, observational, and logic skills. Anyone can play, but few are masters.

This is a group activity. At least two people are required in order to play. This is by design, as each Challenge requires teamwork to be successful.

The goal is simple: During your hourlong challenge, you and your group (friends, family, co-workers, or strangers) will have 60 minutes to work TOGETHER as a team to crack codes and ciphers, solve puzzles and brain teasers, and be persistently observational in order to become Escape Artists.